The Heavenly Dragon is rooted and balanced in heaven and earth, and has developed a strong agile body; a focused and keenly aware mind; a vitality that insures longevity; and a transformed spirit that soars to overcome all obstacles!

At our Tien Lung - Heavenly Dragon School of Qigong and Tai Chi we help train our students to become like 
the Heavenly Dragon.

At the Holistic Healing and Health Tien Lung Heavenly Dragon School of Qigong and Tai Chi, we specialize in teaching over 20 forms of Qigong and 6 forms of Tai Chi.  Please know that you can schedule a private class or organize a semi-private small class at anytime, contact us for availability.

All forms of Qigong and Tai Chi improves the flow and balance of energy (qi), which will improve health and minimize acute and chronic symptoms which manifest physically due to qi stagnation, depletion and imbalance.  However, at Tien Lung we also teach many forms of Qigong and several forms of Tai Chi which were created for specific symptoms and disease states and therefore will tonify, cleanse, harmonize and balance more deeply than other forms.    

The following is a listing of the forms that are offered at Holistic Healing and Health.  Not all classes are taught each session, so check current class schedule for offerings.


Click on a class below to learn more about it.  

Energy 101 & Healing Touch in the Home

Energy 101: Energy Self-care for Health and Healing

Healing Touch in the Home: Pain Management

Tai Chi

Short Form Yang Style

Long Form Yang Style

Tai Chi with Fan

Tai Chi for Kids & Teens

Intro to Tai Chi & Qigong


Tai Chi for Health & Wellness

73 Sun Style


Level I - Shoalin Qigong

Level II - Three Tan Tien

Level III - Advanced Qigong

Intro to Tai Chi & Qigong

The Eight Treasures

Six Sounds Qigong


Hui Gong 1 - Heart

Hui Gong 2 - Kidneys

Hui Gong 3 - Spirit 

Walking Qigong for Cancer

Heart Meditation

Qigong of the White Crane

8 Extra Ordinary Meridian Qigong

Jade Woman Qigong

Nourishing Woman Qigong

Jade Leaves - Qigong for Eyes

Jade Body Qigong

Spiritual Turtle

Sleeping Buddha


Energy 101 & Healing Touch in the Home

Energy 101:  Energy Self-care for Health and Healing:  A fun and informative class about the basics of "energy medicine".  Includes practical discussion about the human energy system which includes the auric field, the chakras, and the meridian system.  We begin by seeing how negative emotions affect the health of the auric field, and learn simple techniques to keep our  "body bubbles" (auric field) strong and healthy.  Students have their chakras read before and after self-care techniques are taught, so they can understand the benefits of these self-care techniques.  The discussion of the meridian system (rivers of energy that run through the body to ever organ, tissue and cell) and the teaching of practical massage techniques allows the student to learn simple techniques that positively affect the health of their 12 major organs. 

Note:  This class is offered 2-3 times a year and is a pre-requisite for Healing Touch in the Home, since the student learns vital information that supports the healing techniques for pain. (return to list) 

Healing Touch in the Home: Pain Management:  is an economically effective way to relieve the pain of self and others in just minutes without the use of drugs.  When pain is relieved, anxiety and stress symptoms soften, and the energy system can become balanced, so deeper healing can take place.  A general review of the concepts learned in Energy 101 begins the class, and then students learn techniques that will soften &/or diminish pain altogether.  Ample time is allowed in class to practice the techniques on yourself and others.  

Healing Touch was developed by Janet Mentgen, once president of the American Holistic Nurses Association and recipient of their "1988 Holistic Nurse of the Year" award.   Healing Touch is now an international program that has trained over 10,000 nurses, doctors, health care professionals, clergy and lay people around the world on how to use the energy from their hands to positively affect the healing of others.

Janet's greatest wish was to see Healing Touch in every home, so she granted certified practitioners "the gift" to teach a few of the basic HT techniques in the Healing Touch in the Home series.  More extensive study of Healing Touch can be done through The Healing Touch Program and more information can be found at (return to list) 

Tai Chi

Intro to Tai Chi & Qigong - This is the perfect form for anyone who has been interested in beginning their training in either Tai Chi or Qigong, for it establishes the connection between breath and movement, and allows the student a simple form that quickly brings the mind into stillness and the body into harmony.  This form is based on the methods of one of the four ancient schools of qigong, as it stresses gentle movement to circulate and accumulate Qi in the body.  Qigong is the "Mother of Tai Chi", and this form introduces the student to the power of Qigong, while it teaches some of the basic and traditional movements of Tai Chi like "White Crane Spreads it's Wings" and "Cloud Hands".   This class is often taught as a weekend class.(return to list) 

Tai Chi for Health & Arthritis - a 24 Sun Style movement created by Dr. Paul Lam to help those with chronic pain such as arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.  This form has many benefits; it develops and strengthens the core muscles and reduces joint and back pain.  This class is open to those with/without chronic pain.(return to list) 

Tai Chi for Kids & Teens - is generally taught on Saturday mornings in 6 week sessions, and the student learns a Sun style 15 movement form that improves mental focus & concentration, memory, creativity & visualization, self-confidence & self esteem, while it strengthens muscles, improves flexibility, balance and coordination, and is complimentary to any sport training.  This form has been extremely beneficial to manage behaviors in ADD children, by improving positive energy to stay calm and focused.(return to list) 

Short Form Yang Style – is a 24 movement form of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi.  It is more complex than Tai Chi for Arthritis or Tai Chi for Diabetes, and requires more balance, coordination and strength.  We offer a night program (8 classes); a weekend program (5 classes); and a combo night/weekend program (12-13 classes) each quarter.   We encourage students to take the combo night/weekend program if they wish to become proficient in their Tai Chi in just 8 short weeks.   (return to list) 

Long Form Yang Style – is a 78 movement form of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi.  This is an intermediate class and the prerequisite is proficiency in Short Form Yang Style or comparative style.(return to list) 

Tai Chi with Fan - is a 52 Yang Style movement using a fan.  This form is designed to help those who would like a more challenging form of Tai Chi.  This form has a combination of Yin and Yang based on the Tai Chi principles.  Previous Tai Chi experience is advised.  The instructor estimates that the average student will need at least 4 sessions to learn the form comfortably. (return to list) 

73 Sun Style - is a form characterized by a high stance and agile steps.  Sun Style is especially effective for healing, relieving stress and building internal energy.  The movements are smooth like flowing water in a river.  Previous Tai Chi experience is advised.  The instructor estimates that the average student will need up to 6 sessions to learn the form comfortably.   (return to list) 


Qi Gong

Intro to Tai Chi & Qigong - This is the perfect form for anyone who has been interested in beginning their training in either Tai Chi or Qigong, for it establishes the connection between breath and movement, and allows the student a simple form that quickly brings the mind into stillness and the body into harmony.  This form is based on the methods of one of the four ancient schools of qigong, as it stresses gentle movement to circulate and accumulate Qi in the body.  Qigong is the "Mother of Tai Chi", and this form introduces the student to the power of Qigong, while it teaches some of the basic and traditional movements of Tai Chi like "White Crane Spreads it's Wings" and "Cloud Hands".   This class is often taught as a weekend class. (return to list) 

Level I - Shoalin Qigong A simple introduction to a 9 posture Qigong, that can open the student to the wonderful world of Qigong and it’s potential to help improve their health and healing potential.  You are introduced to the concept of energy, and practice with how mind, breath and movement can gently stretch and strengthen the body, quiet the mind and calm the spirit.  This form of Qigong can be done sitting or standing, and is perfect for any age or fitness level, including those who have limited use of limbs due to injury or stroke.    Just 10-30 minutes, 3 times a week will improve your health and healing potential.  (return to list) 

Shoalin Qigong

Level II – Three Tan Tien Practice – This class is for the more serious student who wants to enhance their energy to a higher degree.  A simple, yet powerful practice, Three Tan Tien (1) improves the energy stores that support every organ, tissue and cell in the body; (2) enhances the amount of energy you have to get through your daily activities and work; and (3) enhances your Shen (spirit).

The Three Tan Tiens are reservoirs of energy that supply energy to body’s energy highways (meridians), and this practice focuses on increasing these “stores of energy”.   This class dedicates more time to educating the student further on the human energy system and the Chinese concept of how Qi imbalances affect health.   A 30 page study guide is included with the class fee. (return to list) 

Advanced Qigong An extension of the Three Tan Tien practice that advances the student in learning more powerful methods of strengthening their energy for health and spiritual development.  The spiritual development is not about the students faith or religion, but is a personal evolution of their own individual spiritual essence.  Many find this advanced class only strengthens their faith, awakens their personal gifts and helps them discover their true journey in this life. (return to list) 

Heart Meditation This meditative practice dates back 16 generations within the Lui Family in Northern China.  Qigong has been kept secret within families for thousands of years, for it was the family’s form of medicine and healing.  Grandfathers, who were masters, taught their grandchildren, and so Qigong has been passed down through the generations by word of mouth only.  In 1990, the Liu family chose to open their Qigong treasures to the world, for they saw the  great need of “a change in heart” if our world was to transform from anger, terror and fear to a more humble and peaceful world.   

Heart Meditation

This heart mediation clears the heart of negative emotions that can cause disease; affirms the great wisdom that lies deep in our hearts and within our reach; and opens us up to seeing the truth in who we really are and what our hearts are speaking to us.  This practice is taught in our Teen Fit program and is highly recommended for anyone healing from an illness or disease, for Chinese Medicine believes that 80% of all illness and disease is caused by emotions.  (return to list) 


Jade Woman Qigong - A woman’s physiology and emotions differ in many ways from a man’s.  Women consist of more blood, are the stewards of deep yin creative energy and are profoundly effected by the cycles of the moon.  A woman’s health and vitality are sensitive and can be compromised by any number of stresses.  Jade Woman Qigong is a type of qigong that helps to increase the blood, nourish the liver, and heal both physical diseases and emotional imbalances.    (return to list) 

It is a beautiful form that is very effective in reducing weight, reducing bruises and treating problems related to gynecology and menopause.  This form is also appropriate for men who need to nourish and tonigy their liver energy, and for patients who have liver disease or cancer of the liver.  This is also a great seasonal form practiced in the Spring to strengthen and tonify the liver.  (return to list) 

Spiritual Turtle Qigong (Ling Gui Qigong) – Is a method that tonifies the kidney energy and heals kidney disease.  It is also a good form for healing arthritis.  The slow movements improve the flow of qi and blood in muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, which increases the range of motion and flexibility of joints.   In this form the students gradually begin to move and breathe more like turtles, breathing more deeply and moving more slowly.  In China the turtle symbolizes longevity and the turtle is seen as very spiritual creature that is strongly connected with the universe.  After learning Spiritual Turtle Qigong our body feels younger and more relaxed, and our connection to the universe has depended.  (return to list) 

Sleeping Buddha Qigong – According to Taoist philosophy, when the heart is restless, this will disrupt the “shen” or spirit, and sleep becomes difficult.  Since the heart dominates the spirit (mind), if the heart is not calm, it can not nourish the spirit.  This will cause an imbalance of the nervous system and eventually loss of sleep will occur.   The benefits of Sleeping Buddha Qigong are: nourishing the blood, calming the heart, attaining peace of mind, and healing insomnia.  (return to list) 

Qigong of the Great White Crane – Qigong of the Great White Crane helps regulate breathing to reduce stress and brings calm, opens important acupoints so qi flows smoothly, and expands the lungs.  This form of qigong strengthens the lungs, improves immune function and general good health, while it improves the energy in the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.  The Eight Extraordinary Meridians have an extraordinary ability to balance the deepest energy of the body- yin and yang, top and bottom, left and right, and interior and exterior.   The Eight Extraordinary Meridians begin developing at the moment of conception and they are responsible for the initial cell division that allows the heart to develop in the chest, while the colon develops in the pelvis and arms develop at the upper quadrant of our torso, while legs develop at the lower quadrant of our torso.  (return to list) 

Six Sounds Qigong – A very simple qigong often used in conjunction with Qigong Healing or acupuncture to balance qi in specific organ systems and minimize and/or alleviate symptoms.  A simple sound and visualization help to vibrate and cleanse an organ from its murky and stagnant qi.    The 12 major organs are paired into 6 groups, and this form of qigong focuses on balancing the yin organ of each pair which includes: lungs, kidney, liver, heart, spleen and triple heater.   (return to list) 

When the yin organ is balanced than it positively affects the yang organ it is paired with and greater health and fewer symptoms arise.  This simple qigong can be profound!  For example, a 74 year man had suffered from extreme tinnitus for over 25 years, and his medical doctors could not help him.  After receiving a Qigong Healing treatment and doing the sound therapy for kidneys for 2 weeks, he reported that his tinnitus was gone.  The quality of his life drastically changed in just 2 short weeks!  (return to list) 

Ba Duan Jin – The Eight Treasures Eight Treasures was developed thousands of years ago for Shoalin Monks who had lost their muscle tone, strength and flexibility due to their long hours of meditation.   One of the 4 classic Qigong practices in China, Eight Treasures includes 8 simple exercises that are organ specific, while they focus on stretching and strengthening the muscles and tendons.   This is a  quick and gentle morning practice to prepare and strengthen the body for the day ahead. (return to list) 

Jade Body Qigong – Exercising the spine promotes good health and recovery of health when disease is present.  This form of Qigong was created for the spine by Master and Doctor Liu Dong, OMD.  This practice stretches, relaxes  and strengthens the spine and improves circulation, which in turn boosts immune function  to help ward off many diseases, including cancer.  Jade Body also offers a way to cultivate the heart and nature.  The Jade Body practitioner can transcend and be free from obsessive or rigid ways directed on the heart.  (return to list) 

Hui-Gong -Hui-Gong is a taoist style practice that has been handed down for over 2000 years and has recently been used by Traditional Chinese Physicians.  Its function is to develop wisdom and bring out the human potential.  The form focuses on bringing the mind-heart to tranquility through cleansing.  It replaces the train of many thoughts with one thought by using the mind to guide the chi through the five solid organs.  The goal is to wake up the five spirits through the organs.  Shen in the heart.  Hun in the liver.  Po in the lungs.  Yi in the spleen.  Xhi in the kidneys.  These spirits recover their full functions and gain back their natural rhythms.  This is the self healing power.  There are 3 levels to Hui Gong- Part 1 for Heart, Part 2 for Kidneys and Part 3 for Spirit. (return to list) 

Walking Qigong for Cancer For our healing from cancer to be long term, we must investigate and implement complimentary therapies to our physicians recommended treatments.  Most physicians today suggest that patients implement nutritional, physical, emotional, and  mental support, which all play a role in strengthening the immune system.  The energetic support of the persons body must also be strengthened and balanced, and this aspect of healing is too often over looked.

Qigong for Cancer supports the physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of the individual through out their healing process.  This 8 week series teaches 2 forms of healing Qigong: Walking Qigong and Heart Meditation.   Walking Qigong dates back thousands of years, has been researched in China for over 30 years and is used as a successful complimentary therapy for patients  healing from cancer.  Walking Qigong strengthens the immune system and tonifies Yang Qi, to enable healthy cells to regenerate.  The Heart Meditation helps patients deal with the stress, emotions and depression during their treatment , and assists with managing emotions throughout their healing process.


Nourishing Woman Qigong - A gentle and beautiful meditation that focuses on tonifying the blood of the woman’s body, while it focuses on purifying and tonifying primary organs of the female including liver, kidneys, breasts, ovaries and uterus.  An important part of health is the balance of Yin and Yang energy in the body, and the visualizations of sun and moon energy throughout this form brings these energies into balance and improves the health and function of the female body.  This form of qigong is beneficial throughout the versatile stages of a woman’s life, including adolescence, young adult, pregnancy and child birth, and menopause.  This form is also beneficial for woman suffering from PMS and/or who want to get pregnant, yet are having difficulties conceiving.  This short form is easy to work into the busiest of days, and will leave you feeling truly nourished in body, mind and soul.  Jade Woman Qigong is a complimentary practice to Nourishing Woman Qigong.  See Jade Woman Qigong class description for more details. (return to list) 


Eight Extra Ordinary Meridian Qigong -   This form is available to our advanced annual students only, who have taken Heart Meditation, Shoalin Qigong and Three Tan Tien Qigong.  Previous qigong training prepares the heart and mind to be clear and calm, and the body to be strong in qi, so that this next level of training can be extremely beneficial. This simple practice opens the Master Points, the master doors, of the Eight Extra Ordinary Meridians, and encourages a deeper awareness of the flow of qi through these vessels.  The Eight Extra Ordinary Meridians are “keys” to vibrant health, for they were the first vessels of energy that surrounded the “seed of life” that was sparked by the joining of the female egg and male sperm.  It was these Eight Extra Ordinary Meridians that sparked cell development and began the creation of the fetus with heart, lungs, brain, eyes, limbs, fingers and toes.  (return to list) 

Jade Leaves Qigong- is a short sitting meditation that begins with a self-massage for the eyes and then continues through the meditation to balance the Yang and Yin energies of the eyes and the muscles of the eyes to improve vision.  This is a regular practice of your Qigong instructor to keep her almost 60 year old eyes relaxed and seeing with greater clarity.(return to list) 

"Practicing Jade Body Qigong brings
The vigor and strength of a dragon
The lithe, gracefulness of the crane

And the longevity of the turtle"

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