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We are committed to better physical, mental and spiritual health!  Read what our students and therapy recipients are saying about us!

Energy Therapy Letters
  letter 1 Therapy for stress and anxiety
  letter 2 Therapy for bone fracture

Grief Therapy Letters
letter 1 Therapy for accidental death of spouse
  letter 2 Therapy for loss of spouse (heart attack)
  letter 3 Therapy for general grief 
  letter 4 Therapy for loss of spouse (cancer)


What Students are Saying About Qigong
(names abbreviated for privacy)

"Life is so fast and hectic for so many people these days - we need to take some time for ourselves to re-energize! Mind over matter- the Chinese have been doing all of this for so long they have to know something we don’t! I have learned that we have more control than we think we do and energy is the key!” - KP, Nurse

"As one who has spent literally hundreds of hours in graduate, post-graduate and CEU classes, I want to complement the Qigong instructor for the class was well balanced and organized.  She has a personality and talent that is outstanding. I would recommend this course to anyone who is ready to impact their own health through a gentle and revitalizing practice.” - LG, Retired Physical Therapist

"I have cancer and through Qigong I find myself able to cope, relax, calm & re-energize." -KK

"I had been experiencing Tinnitus for more than 20 years. Learning Qigong from Deborah has help me to relax and my hearing has improved." HW

"It’s wonderful for relieving stress and for building energy. For 20 or 30 minutes a day you are in a serene and peaceful atmosphere. We could all use that." - NS

"I’m thankful for you having touched my life, and so honored that you gave to me such a powerful gift. The power of mind and spirit is truly an amazing and awesome thing and through you I feel that I have been reacquainted with an almost forgotten long lost friend -- myself.  Where there was sadness, loss or pain, there is now joy, peace and freedom. Where there was weakness and longing, there is now strength, direction and power. I now have this almost euphoric feeling of peace and inner strength that I’ve only felt once before my life. Every day is something I look forward to. I no longer have the burden of “loss” and depression that had almost consumed my every moment. I sleep better, I feel fantastic." - BM

"For me Qigong is an affirmation that we are more than just physical beings and I am touched by the emotional; and spiritual aspects of Qigong practice.  After doing m Qigong practice I feel my spirit is uplifted and my heart feels more joy in life.  As one who suffers from chronic fatigue, Qigong gives me a subtle yet very real energy boost! It’s not like the “hyper surge of energy” one gets from too many coffee lattes, but a powerful yet gentle surge of subtle energy from the universe.  It is much more calming and energizing than I could ever imagine! I look forward to taking Qigong Level 2 and Tai Chi." - JC, Social Worker

"I have learned how to work with energy in a way that has increased and enriched my well being.  My moods, emotions, feelings, quality of life are more grounded.  My movement, agility, flexibility is increased and stronger.  My problematic pain in my knees, low back and neck is almost non-existent.  My energy is increased, along with mental clarity." - M

"I have been able to regain energy and Deborah played a big roll in that recovery." - LM

"I took different specialty Qigong classes. From “Turtle Qigong” I have learned a wonderful slowing of the breath.   Intermediate & Advance Qigong helped me maintain my energy to keep the level of peace and confidence.  All these classes I have taken has helped to give me a tool to prevent illness, restore and increase energy, peace in my daily living, strengthening my health and expanding my inner life. I am very grateful." - MP

"I have acute Tinnitus in both ears and through Qigong I have less ringing in my ears. Through very heavy exposure to asbestos, in my military years in the 60’s, I now have some plural thickening, scaring and blunting in my lungs. With Qigong I have my breathing under control and feel more lung capacity to breathe better. Qigong calms my anxiety. It gives me the ability to lower my heart rate when I seek and need calmness. Qigong practice has become an enjoyable part of my life. It mentally and physically rejuvenates and balances me". - LB

What Students are Saying About Tai Chi

"I truly believe that tai chi has made a meaningful difference toward my recovery.  You helped me regain balance and restored circulation to my injured arm."  
   - RB, Poulsbo 

"I have Parkinson's disease.  Tai chi for Arthritis [tai chi for health and fitness] has helped me greatly in using my right and left brain.  I have never missed a class and I enjoy what tai chi does for me."
   - GM, Bremerton

"I have ADHD and learning tai chi has helped me to calm down.  Most importantly I have fun and tai chi helps me promote positive energy."
   - NS, Bremerton

"Since taking tai chi classes, I seldom feel pain in my knees. I can walk, go up and down stairs without pain and feel great.  My balance has improved.  Tai chi is relaxing and I enjoy doing it."
  - MS, Silverdale

"I now have better balance and control of movements.  I have learned some pain control.  Mentally I feel more relaxed."
  - DH, Poulsbo

"After taking tai chi, my balance and muscle tone seemed to improve.  I feel relaxed and energized at the same time, and I feel calm when doing the movements."
  - JM, Bremerton

"I had to retire from heavy construction after 30 years because of arthritis.  I've been doing tai chi for a year now and it has definitely helped." 
  - RV, Port Orchard

"Practicing tai chi gives me better emotional balance and helps me to be aware of the energy flow in my body."
  - DW, Bainbridge Island

"Learning tai chi heals my body and mind from a daily busy schedule and house chores.  I have a peaceful time while learning tai chi.  I enjoy doing tai chi in a group."
  - YN, Silverdale

"Tai chi has helped me with a better posture and greater strength in my legs."
  - MW, Bremerton 


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Holistic Healing and Health is located in Silverdale, WA.  Our center is minutes away from Port Orchard, Bremerton, Gig Harbor, Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo.  Various classes are offered throughout the year in Qigong and Tai Chi. 

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