Energetic care has been practiced for thousands of years in eastern cultures, yet few Americans understand the benefits of strengthening, balancing and caring for their energy system.  When life force energy, called qi (chi) flows strongly and unobstructed to all organs, tissues and cells, the body’s healing capacity and immune system is enhanced and vibrant health and resistance to disease results.


Health enhancing energetic care requires two (2) on going processes:

1. Regular Energetic Therapy   
2. Energetic Self-Care Exercise

1. Regular Energetic Therapy: When qi is obstructed &/or diminished, pain and symptoms arise. If you wait for symptoms to show themselves, you’ve waited too long for treatment. 
An ancient Chinese saying goes: Walk in front of (beyond) illness and disease, not with it!
Forms of energetic care include:
Acupuncture: treats acute and chronic symptoms with fine needles inserted at certain points on the body, and is effective treatment for pain, headaches, muscle & joint disorders, and auto or sport injury. 

Qigong Healing: is best described as non-needle acupuncture,. treating disease similarly to acupuncture yet without needles. Where as acupuncture works through the meridians, Qigong Healing treats both meridians and organs directly. The meridians are like energy highways and each of the 12 major organ meridians supplies vital qi to one of the 12 major organs The goal of a Qigong Healing treatment is to rebalance the flow of qi within the meridians and to improve the energy within the organ itself at a faster rate if it is called for. Qigong healing works deeply yet quickly to rebalance stagnant, blocked or excess energies. A single Qigong Healing treatment can often equal 2-3 acupuncture treatments.

This relaxing therapy is ideal for children and adults who do not like needles, and for those clients who are in need of a deeper therapy to reduce their risk to disease or illness. Qigong healing can also reach energetic imbalances associated with trauma and emotional disturbances in a way that most acupuncture treatments do not.

Your Qigong healing treatment is done while you relax to soothing music, while lying fully clothed on a massage table. Most clients drift into a realm that is somewhere between being fully awake and completely asleep, like when you’ve drifted off while laying on the coach on a Saturday afternoon, and you are definitely on another plane of consciousness, yet you can here the world around you.

Healing Touch: is an energy-based program developed within the nursing profession, designed to clear, align and balance the human energy system through touch. The body, emotions, mind and spirit are influenced through a therapeutic process by altering the body's energy system to influence self healing. Excellent complimentary treatment for emotional trauma, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

Healing Touch is endorsed by the Ameri­can Holistic Nurses' Association and the certification program takes 2-3 years to complete.  

Energetic Healing: Energetic Healing promotes "Healing through Light' and is an energy-based holistic program developed within the nursing profession. Energetic Healing is extensive in its assessment and treatment in the energy system, and allows all levels of the energy field (aura) and all levels of the Chakra system to be cleared, aligned and balanced. This is a very effective treatment in healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds, and energetically re­shaping beliefs and relationships that are affecting the well being of the client.

Grief Therapy: Grief Therapy utilizes a combination of Healing Touch and Energetic Therapy techniques to help process and transform the negative emotions which arise when a loved one passes on.  This simple and private therapy has been successful in 95% of those treated and most clients feel the difference in their health and well being in only one or two treatments. 

2. Energetic Self-Care Exercise: The energetic self-care practices of Qigong and Tai Chi help minimize treatment frequency and is great health insurance for disease prevention. Our center offers regular classes and private sessions in these disciplines for seniors, adults, teens & kids. Click here for more information about each discipline. 

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a treatment?

Treatments are given by appointment only.  To schedule your treatment, e-mail HealingBMS@aol.com.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

How much is an Energy Therapy treatment?

The first session is 2 hours for $150
Follow up sessions are $75 per hour

*House calls are available upon request. A minimal trip charge may apply for longer distances.   

What will my first treatment be like? 

Your first treatment is scheduled for 1-2 hours (follow-up treatments are 1 hr) and takes place in a quiet environment with soft music. The client lies fully clothed on a massage table and is encouraged to go within, relax and connect with the wisdom and peace of the inner-self. The goal of the treatment is to assess the client's current energy system and then clear, align and help balance their energy system as needed.  In any single treatment, one or more of the above therapies is utilized to ensure a through treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Generally energetic therapy is for 3-6 consecutive weeks depending on the symptoms and health of the individual. Your therapist will know more after the 3rd treatment as to how your body is responding and how well you are maintaining the rebalancing work. If you are a student of energetic exercise and are currently practicing Qigong, Tai Chi or Yoga daily &/or weekly, then your treatment cycle will be minimized, due to your own wise self-care. For those who choose only therapy and do not have an energetic self care practice your therapies would be on going on a bi-monthly or monthly cycle. 

What causes the human energy system to become unbalanced? 

The normal stresses of modern day life, injury or trauma, emotions, and/or illness and disease can cause disturbances in the energy system. Pharmacological and social drugs can also alter the balance of the human energy system. 

The National Health Institute has recently proclaimed that 70% of all illness is related to unmanaged stress. In the east, Chinese Medicine believes that 80% of all illness is caused by emotions. All three forms of treatment (Qigong Healing, Healing Touch, Energetic Therapy) help to rebalance the system faster and counterbalance the affects of the negative emotions, such as fear, anger, anxiety &/or worry.  

How does healing occur? 

All healing is self healing in partnership with the health team. In Qigong Healing, Healing Touch or Energetic Therapy the goal is to empower the client to activate the innate wisdom of the body to self regulate and heal all aspects of the self.  We are all holistically united in body, emotion, mind and spirit. 

Who can benefit? 

Since Qigong Healing, Healing Touch and Energetic Therapy influences the whole person on all levels, it can be used on everyone, infants to the elderly, and take place in any setting: home, hospitals, healing centers, accident scenes, schools, hospices or a doc­tor's office. Animals have also benefited from these forms of treatment for acute and chronic symptoms. 
Qigong Healing, Healing Touch and Energetic Therapy Can Help: 

1. General Well Being 
2 . Allergies 
3. Stress & Tension 
4. Pain Control 
5. Neck & Back Problems 
6. Anxiety 
7. Wound & Fracture Healing 
8. HIV or A. I. D. S. 
9. Hypertension 
10. Pre/Post Surgery 
11. Headaches/Migraines 
12. Cancer 
13. Arthritis 
14. Fibromyalgia 
15. Disease Prevention 
16. Psychological Problems 
17. Grief Management 
18. Spiritual Growth 
. Minimizes the symptoms from radiation and chemotherapy

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