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Mei Ling

Qigong Master

Tai Chi Sifu

Energetic Therapist

Certified Qigong Healing Practitioner

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Deborah 'Mei Ling' Marcantoni holds a BA from the University of Northern Colorado, and her post-graduate studies have been in the fields of Nursing, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences. She has studied Energetic Medicine and Medical Qigong since 1998, with doctors and nurses in both China and the U.S.  
Since 1991, she has earned certifications as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Yoga Instructor, and she used these disciplines in the Fitness Industry for decades.  She now utilizes that past training to keep her self fit, and her students safe in their Qigong and Tai Chi classes. 
Mei Ling trained in China in 1999 under the direction of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong and earned her Masters in Qigong Healing with an International Qigong Healing school. She has been a professional member of the Healing Touch Program since 1998,  which is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

In 1997, she was diagnosed with the first stages of cervical cancer. Western medicine removed the cancer cells, yet she knew it was up to her to heal all aspects of herself to insure she would not return to that state of 'dis-ease'. Her life training and life experiences have shown her the wisdom of taking the holistic approach to health and healing, for when the physical body and the energy body are strong and balanced then deep and continuous healing comes to body, mind, and spirit.  

Mei Ling offers classes in Pierce and Kitsap Counties and has a clinical practice in both Gig Harbor and Silverdale. Over the years her ability to communicate with animals, angels and guides has brought a deep satisfaction to her work.

Teenie Spiker

Teenie grew up in Malaysia watching her grandparents practice Tai Chi every morning.  But it wasn’t until recent years that she discovered the importance of Qi in her own life.  

Tai chi and Qigong have played a huge part in helping heal the arthritis in her hands.  Her 'day job' is as a high voltage electrician in the shipyard - the peace and strength from Qigong and Tai Chi always helps her in her daily routine.

She has traveled to Beijing and Chengdu, China, to study Qigong and meditation with Master Wan Su Jian.  She has also completed a Certified Instructor workshop with Dr. Paul Lam, the creator of Tai Chi Productions, specializing in Tai Chi for Arthritis, Back Pain, and Diabetes.  As a volunteer for the National Arthritis Foundation, she chaired  the 2005 Silverdale Arthritis Walk to raise funds and awareness for the cause.  She has recently made trips to the East coast to learn a special form of Tai Chi using a fan. 

Teenie has been working with Mei Ling at the Holistic Healing and Health Center since its opening in 2003.  She is motivated by the joy her students feel when they experience the benefits of Tai Chi and energy work.  In her spare time she enjoys ballroom dancing, especially Argentinean Tango.  


Port Orchard   
Tai Chi group and private lessons available. 
Email for scheduling and directions. 

Energy Treatments and Saturday training

For treatments, we share space with Silverdale Acupuncture.

Silverdale Acupuncture
9301 Linder Way Suite 101 
Silverdale WA 98383
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